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Get a Healthy Carpet Cleaning in South Hill, WA

Is it about time to get your carpets cleaned? Do you want a healthy and safe way to do it? At Aabracadabra Chem-Dry, we use a natural and environmentally-friendly processes and products. This makes it safe for your family! You will love the cleaning your carpet gets! Give us a call today 253.446.7071 for more info!

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Environmentally-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Home, family, and the environment--these are all things we greatly care about! We want to create a cleaner, safer, and healthier carpet cleaning. Our product, The Natural, is green-certified and uses ingredients straight from Mother Nature! As well, our process uses low-moisture which is better for the environment and your home! Your carpets will dry in a matter of hours, instead of days. Not only is it safer, we get your carpets exceptionally clean! Schedule your appointment today!

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We at Aabracadabra Chem-Dry are dedicated to service and getting your carpets clean. Our product, The Natural, is wonderful and just that--natural! It does not contain any harsh soaps, chemicals, detergents, or phosphates! Like we have said before, we use substantially less water than our steam-cleaning competitors! We want to make sure to help the environment and you! Get to using your carpets sooner with us! Questions? Just call us!

Our Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning

Our cleaning product is natural, non-toxic, and safe! It’s so much so that you could drink it! We don’t recommend it, but it is possible! We have the perfect balance between eco-friendly ingredients with carbonating bubbles! Those bubbles remove dirt deep within your carpet! You will get a deep and healthy cleaning on your carpets! If you’re looking for an eco-friendly, safe, and amazing carpet cleaning--you have found the company to do it!

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Take a look at the list below to see all of the amazing benefits you’ll get with choosing our carpet cleaning, using The Natural®:

  • Green certified
  • Ingredients are copied from Mother Nature
  • All ingredients in The Natural® are on the FDA G.R.A.S (Generally Recognized as Safe) list.
  • Safe and non-toxic for your pets and children.
  • Doesn’t contain harsh detergents, soaps, phosphates, or chemicals.
  • Doesn’t leave behind a sticky, dirt attracting residue
  • A great solution for people with allergies

Carpet Cleaning at Its Best in South Hill

We are experts at cleaning carpets and getting them really clean. When you choose Aabracadabra Chem-Dry, you will get a company with cleaning expertise and exceptionally service! Choose us and you won’t be disappointed! Click below for a free estimate or call today!

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