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Professional Area and Oriental Rug Cleaning in South Hill, WA

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Is it about time to get your beautiful rugs cleaned this season? If you live in South Hill, we have you covered! We have the ability to clean all types of rugs! You’ll be blown away by what we can do! Call us today at 253.446.7071!

Get Your Area and Orientals Rugs Cleaned by Professionals!

Area rugs are a special part of any room! They are beautiful and full of character. Thing is, they are usually highly trafficked too. That means they can get really dirty--which is not good for your home or family! Cleaning big, delicate area rugs can be difficult--but we’re the experts! We know the best way to get your rugs really clean!

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At Aabracadabra Chem-Dry, we are the experts in South Hill, WA! We can clean anything from the standard area rug to Persian rugs, which are more delicate and expensive. We have the appropriate equipment and solutions to get a deep and effective cleaning on your precious investments! It’s best practice to clean your rugs on a regular basis. They’re like filters and suck up a lot of dirt, dust, allergens, and more. When you clean them often, they will last much longer! Schedule an appointment today!

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A Lasting Rug Cleaning from Aabracadabra Chem-Dry

Rugs, no matter what kind they are, are an investment and something you want to last a long time. Let us take the pain away of cleaning your rugs. They can be hard to clean, especially with delicate fibers and colors. We are able to get your rugs clean without damaging your rugs. Our cleaning process is gentle on preserving the dyes and leaving them vibrant and fresh! Once we are finished, your rugs will be clean and refreshed!

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Aabracadabra Chem-Dry is Your Rug Cleaner in South Hill

Choose Aabracadabra Chem-Dry for your rug cleaning and you will not be disappointed! Your rugs will come out on the other side, clean and beautiful! If you’re looking for a company with the right equipment and incredible solutions--call us today at 253.446.7071! We look forward to speaking with you!

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